Thursday, February 17, 2011

50 Ways to Reuse Receiving Blankets: No Sewing Machine Pillow Cases, Use # 2

This has to be the easiest pillow case, keep in mind, it's not going to come off the pillow easily and may need a little "primping" once in a while. But, it was a quick, easy, and stylish fix right when I needed it.

I had been making pillow cases with our receiving blankets, using two, trimming them to fit the pillow and sewing two together. Having to get out the sewing machine, scissors, measuring, pinning, and sewing was not an option, so here's what I decided to do.
Find a way to use ONE blanket per pillow.
STEP ONE: Lay the receiving blanket down in a diamond shape, place your pillow down in the middle trying to get it as evenly centered as you possibly can.

STEP THREE: Using a needle and thread, sew these two pieces together while on the pillow.

STEP FOUR: Fold the top and bottom pieces inward. The corners will have to be adjusted, tucked in if they are turned outward.

STEP FIVE: Using a needle and thread, sew these two pieces together, then sew them to the right and left piece.
STEP SIX: Add optional button or embellishments to the pillow. Give it a little primp and enjoy your comfy need creation!

STEP TWO: Fold the right and left side in

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