Monday, February 28, 2011

Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds Project:
Believe it or not, my son, eight years old, had a week off from school, which was explained to be a  combination of President's Day and the sad state of budget affairs here in California. After getting over the shock of soooooo many days off from school, we had to think of some ways to help pass the time. My son decided he wanted to plant some seeds! Unfortunately, I didn't have any, so we took a little trip to the store and found some that were inexpensive!

           My son decided these were the seeds he wanted to plant.

 Thankfully, I had the potting soil, pots and markers on hand! We labeled the plant markers on some colored craft sticks. I put the soil halfway in the pot, and my son dropped the seeds in the pot and than "put a blanket" as he called it, over the seeds.
 He was in charge of giving them a good drink of water, and placing the markers in the correct pots.

 Here he is with his seeds planted and watered! I just hope he is going to be this happy when it comes time to transplant them into the ground or a larger container!! Although on this day we planted vegetable and flower seeds, I also think some other seeds were planted as well like: "I am important", I am worth spending time with", "My mom trusts me to care for something".

 What seed's might you plant with your child/children  today?

"Hi! I'm Adam, nice to meet you"!

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