Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dessert Trends: Nine & Ten

                             Soda Fizz

 Are you an ice cream lover? Do you like to mix ice cream into other foods? Then you are in luck!
This dessert trend is about ice cream being mixed in a little here and a little there....
and creating new and different tastes!
Instead of a Root Beer Float, you might want to order up a real "Beer Float"!
Brightly  colored ice cream and sorbet is being found floating on top of  fizzy drinks these days and,is being offered as a fresh new spin on the dessert scene!
This dessert trend is nostalgic in part since sweet drinks and treats evoke memories of childhood when you may have visited that old fashioned soda fountain shop with with a loving parent or grandparent!
The soda fountain fizz of yesterday, is taking on a new twist today!

                             The Sandwich

 Remember those ice cream sandwich's you ate as a kid? This dessert trend has kicked it up a notch!
Today's trend is more artisan and that means changing up the old fashioned for a modern version!
The ice cream sandwich has evolved into new flavors, shapes and fillings.You may find brownies, cake even brioche rolls wrapped around ice cream flavors such as,organic chunk blueberry, Italian lemon, dark chocolate, cool mint or fresh herb!
 The old school ice cream sandwich with its memories of childhood may still have a special  place in your heart, but there just might be room in there for a couple new memories or two!!

We hope you have enjoyed this series of postings on the 2011 Top Ten Dessert Trends. We hope you have been inspired to try some new and different things this year. As always, we hope you will let us know what your experiences are! Good or bad!

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