Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easter Basket :Chicks and Bunnies

Just perfect for Easter!
Look at these sweet treats for Easter! Everyone loves a little chocolate bunny in there Easter Sunday basket right?!....

Believe it or not this chocolate looking bunny is really SOAP! Yes, soap! They are the cutest, sweetest little Easter treat!

If you are looking for a non sugar alternative this year for the kids Easter baskets this is a real sweet one! The bunnies have the slightest hint of chocolate scent to them!
The chicks are so sweet and look like white chocolate!
While looking for healthier alternatives to put in this years Easter baskets, we happily came across this shop on Etsy called "Sweet Soap Treats". They have quite a selection from joke soaps to cute little chicks and bunnies!
The soaps are glycerin based, and, have natural, good for your skin ingredients in them. Children will love taking a bath with a sweet little playful chick and a couple of blue Robin's eggs! Wouldn't you!?
I guess you know what we are putting into our Easter baskets! Shhhhh!
If you too are looking for healthier Easter basket treats, why not hop on over and take a look around!

We would love to see your ideas for creative Easter baskets! Send us your

Photos: Homespun With Love

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