Saturday, March 5, 2011

From Old To New

For Your Party!

source: Real Simple
Looking for something new and low cost to freshen up your next party?
While looking through post, she showed how the magazine, Real Simple turned some old, common, around the house items into something new and different! Searching,
I found somethings to inspire you for your next party! Thanks Chickabug!
Lollipops, in the color of your party theme become a drink stir stick!  If serving a clear beverage, the lollipop will add a little color. To add even more festive fun,
 embellish the lollipop stick with  drink flags made from scrapbook paper you have waiting in your collection to be used!
And, for your party.......

                                                                source: Real Simple
 Christmas lights get recycled into fresh party decor when you use your left over plastic party cups to adorn the lights with! Use colored plastic cups, in your party color theme for added color throughout your party! Just think of all the places around your party that could use a little color and light! Why not get crafty and use the light cord to add pretty flowing ribbons, lace, streamers or whatever  you might think of!
 Inspired? We hope you are! Look around your house and see what old thing(s)  you can turn into something new and fresh for your next party! We would love it if you shared what you came up with!


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