Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Butterfly Craft

It's time to get ready for Spring! This is a fun and easy craft project you can do with the kids with just a few household items. Put your little artists to work to create a beautiful spring butterfly garden! This is what you need....

Coffee filters
1/2 of a chenille stick {or pipe cleaner if you are old school}
Water color paints
Paint brush
Clean water
Paper towel {to lay painted filter on to dry}
Plastic plate
Imagination {most important}

Flatten out coffee filter and place on paper plate. Decide how you want your butterfly to look and start painting like a true Picasso! For the best effect, cover all of the white filter.

Once you are finished painting, place on paper towel to dry. While your first one is drying, get a snack or, wipe off the plate and begin painting another butterfly. {the more the merrier}!

Once your butterfly is completely dry, begin to accordion fold the filter in 2 inch folds.Take your chenille stick and bend it in half to make a U. Place the filter in the U, twist gently to secure. Shape the chenille stick to look like a butterfly body. Fan out the filter to look like the wings of a butterfly. Isn't it beautiful! A breath of Spring right at your fingertips!

There are so many ways to display your butterflies. Hang them  from a chandelier, above your babies crib, on a tree branch you cut and bring in from the yard and place in a container and make into your "Spring Tree"!

Butterfly bouquet is how I choose to display my butterflies! I used a skewer stick and taped it onto the back of the butterfly. Used colored ribbon and tied it on. Wrapped a scrap piece of lace around the skewer and secured with tape! These would be cute enough to use for a birthday party as "Butterfly Wands"! Always thinking party!

Inspired? We hope you are! Show us how your butterflies fly, would you please!?

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