Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three Quick and Easy Centerpiece Ideas

In need of  quick, easy  budget friendly centerpiece ideas for your party?
 We have three for you from Real Simple , that are "real simple" to put together with items you have right at home, or you can easily find....
Candles: Using clear glass votive cups and light weight colored paper, cut the paper to fit around the votive cup using a scallop edged scissor. Secure paper with double sided tape. You could also use strips of fabric you may have in your fabric scrap box! Drop in your candles, light, and you have created a very cozy welcoming environment for you and your guests!
Using votive cups and parchment paper,cut parchment paper to fit around votive cups. For added interest, when you cut the paper, do so in staggering heights. Using a hole punch, punch a design in the parchment paper. When your candles are lit the light will come through the pattern. Secure parchment paper with double sided tape. Use could also use craft paper, construction paper or light weight card stock in place of parchment paper. Your guests are going to be impressed with your new centerpieces!

Green apples, cylinder vases and water. Decide first where you want your centerpiece to stay since it may be tricky trying to transport them from place to place once you have put them together.Using as many apples as you like, place your apples in the vase, add water at differing heights, wipe off any finger prints, stand back and admire! You could also use green pears or limes in place of green apples.

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These centerpiece ideas show us that we don't need to run out to the store every time we are planning a party and buy an expensive centerpiece. All we need to do is to be smarter and look around at what we already have and use it! Recycle and re purpose! 
We hope these ideas have inspired you! We would love for you to show us what you come with!
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