Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top 10 Dessert Trends: Five & Six

                         Tweet Treat Truck

Photo from thefoodchannel.com
Yes, Tweet sweet treat trucks are making themselves known and you may have spotted one pulling up ready to serve you some might tasty treats! Case in point...

 Sprinklesmobile of Sprinkles.com in California, yes California, is serving up their trade mark sweets in
trendy style. Next time you are in LA, Tweet  them out! This dessert truck trend is reminiscent of the old fashioned ice cream truck, only partly Twitter enabled and modern!
Next time you think you hear the ice cream truck coming up the street it may actually be the Tweet Treat Truck!
Further information:
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 Did you ever imagine that all those late night dessert creations you have been whipping up when no one was watching would ever become a dessert trend? What!!!!??
This dessert trend is about taking that left over chocolate chip brownie, the last little bit of ice cream left in the bottom of the carton, and, that decadent double chocolate fudge Aunt Martha  made for you and turning it into what you want your dessert to be! That is, to make a dessert creation that nobody else ever has! A one of a kind evolution creation!
This dessert trend allows you to use up common food items you may have in your pantry such as, popcorn, pretzels, cereal and raisins! Nothing goes to waste. Recycle and re purpose. It all goes into your dessert creations!
Let us know what  kinds of foods will you be evolving into new dessert creations!?

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