Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top 10 Dessert Trends: Four

The Deconstruction
Did you think they were referring to the transforming boy toys? Not exactly!... Mothers, we know you taught us not to play with our food, but it looks like it may be a trend now!!!

The trend known as "deconstruction" uses everyday common foods, familiar flavors, and then like a construction crew, works to reassemble the food in a new modern way! Hummm, sounds  like playing with your food to me! Confused? Please don't be. It is as simple as taking pancakes, ice cream and some fruit, and assembling it into a new modern dessert, and  presto, you have a work of deconstruction!
Need a serving suggestion? For a more trendy way to serve your dessert, you may want to consider serving your creation out of an ice cream truck! Yes, you  read that correctly.You know the one you have parked out front!
This remaking of desserts, is emphasizing good old comfort foods like those found at the carnival and State Fair. It is street food taken to a new, upscale level. Thank you moms around the world, and of every generation for trying to teach us proper table manners, but, times they are a changing!
Next time you catch your children playing with their food, instead of correcting them remember, they are in the process of "deconstructing", and you may want to jump in and have some fun with them! Just make sure you know who is not around!

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