Friday, April 29, 2011

A Boy's Easter Garden Party {Part 1}

A Boy's Easter Garden
We are so excited to present to you this years Easter party!
Our theme this year was "A Boy's Easter Garden" and our vision was what a boy would have, find and play with in his garden at Easter time. Since there are so many pictures, we will break this into two posts.
We hope you enjoy the party pictures!

All of our parties are very budget savvy. We are diy as much as possible from the food to the decorations to the party printables! We shop the Dollar Store, thrift store and Target for some of our needs.
This Easter party was no exception.

We couldn't have a boy's Easter Garden party without Peter Rabbit in attendance! Our thrift store purchase of a  blue and white striped bed sheet came in handy throughout the party decor. We made two table runners, bunting and tied strips on containers and baskets as well as covered lollipops with it!

Our bunting is the perfect accompaniment for our sweet little Peter Rabbit portrait! The portrait is a childhood keepsake that worked  perfectly with our theme!

Dollar Store cookie pops and carrot suckers. Grocery store gummy Peter Rabbits we used to make candy sticks. Pale blue Salt water taffy, and dressed up lollipops in our striped sheet!

 The children hunting Easter eggs, playing and looking so glamorous sipping juice with a mustache straw!

We love the bird seed feeder! We used Cheerios that we put into a garden style pedestal bowl that we had.

Every boy has a collection of something right! We found gummy worms and bugs at Oriental Trading, and Jelly Belly Flops from our local grocery outlet that we used for our Worm, Bug and Rock collection!

This concludes Part 1 of the Easter party. Please check back in later today for Part 2! See you then!
                                                   Remember, keep it Homespun!

                                      May the Lord answer you in the
                                                         day of trouble;
                                                         May the name of the God of Jacob
                                                         defend you.
                                                                              Psalm 20:1
Photography: Diana Henneman, Kristin Nielsen
Party Printables: Brittany Lee Designs
Dessert Table & Party Design: Homespun With Love

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  1. LOVE the "worm collection!" too, too cute-all of it! Blessings, Sharon