Friday, April 1, 2011

Inspiration: Bridal

                    A vision of  pure loveliness!

                   Once upon a time in a far away land,
                      A lovely talented lady with a magic hand, 
                    Set before us a table so perfectly sweet,
                    Tastefully prepared, for the eye what a treat!

Honestly, how does one not love this Bridal sweets table designed by the lovely, super talented Sharnel of mylife-myloves


We were literally spellbound! Taking in all the pretty details and color of each and every thing we saw in this Bridal sweets layout!

 There is simplicity and taste to be found at every turn. The color, honeysuckle pink and gold captures you, and draws you in for a closer look!  And look indeed!!  Those beautiful French macaroon's, with their soft pillow like exterior, the couture candy bar wrappers placed with such care, and the beautiful pink roses, so perfect from nature. Everything compliments each other beautifully!

Photo: mylive-myloves
There is not a thing we don't love about this sweets table! Any Bride to be, or any woman for that matter, for any reason, would love to have this sweets table in her honor! And we are honored that Sharnel allowed us the opportunity to post her lovely Bridal sweets table to share with you!

We hope seeing this beautiful Bridal sweets table has inspired you as much as it has us, to create with class, taste, beauty and simplicity! Have a great, creative Homespun weekend!

"Thank you Sharnel!"

Please check out more from Sharnel on her blog here

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