Saturday, April 9, 2011

Party Decor Idea: Less Is More!

Who says you can't have the BIG $ Look!
 We just adore how inexpensive party store paper fans and globes, in different colors, styles and shapes, clustered and hung together make such a big impression!

Yes, you can spend less on, and use less of, party decor, and still have the BIG $$ look!
These budget friendly decorations can be obtained from your local party supply store, Dollar Store or online, and you really don't have to spend more to get that BIG party look you want.
The prices, selection and colors available make it easy and affordable to plan your party decor. With some careful handling, you will have these decorations for future parties as well, and that is budget savvy and repurposing!

Did you notice the cake!? Just a simple homemade cake, or, inexpensive grocery store bakery cake,  placed on a simple cake pedestal, with simple neutral colored frosting, gets brought to life with eye catching birthday candles! That's all you need! Check your grocery store baking isle, Dollar Store or online baking supply shops for affordable birthday cake candles to add a little spark to your party cake!

Adding in some homemade or Dollar Store party hats says "party", and adds another pop of color and fun, as do party streamers and party blowers strewn across the table!

Beverage of choice whether it be alcoholic or simple sparkling apple juice always adds a little "special" to the occasion when served in champagne glasses!
You can find them at the grocery store, party store or online, but, if you really want to add to your party collection, be budget savvy and green, start scouring the local thrift stores and garage/yard sales in your area. Pick up some glasses here and there and in no time, and for little money, you have a party collection!

As wonderful, and as much as we love party printable collections, striped drinking straws and the like to help make a fabulous party, I have to say that from the looks of this photo, sometimes less really is more!

                                          The curse of the Lord is on the house of the wicked,
                                               But He blesses the home of the just.
                                                                    Proverbs 3: 33
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