Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thrift Store Finds!

You never know what you will find! 
We love thrift store shopping in our favorite local thrift store!
You never know what you will find! And when you do find "something" you will be glad you made the trip! 

                                First Up and favorite of the trip!

These cute little plates were marked at sixty nine cents each!
Guess where they were originally from?!
Pottery Barn Kids Collection!
They are in really good condition. No chips, discolored spots or anything unappealing! We know they cost alot more than what we paid for! {you gotta love it!} I can see so many uses for these.

Second Up!

Two cans of assorted paper crafting flowers!
Each can was marked at ninety nine cents each.
The flowers are clean. No strange smell. In good condition.
Recently we paid two dollars at Michael's for a package of 12 paper flowers!{should have waited!}

Third Up!

                  Bags of lace. Both bags are assorted laces.
Large bag of lace was three dollars and ninety nine cents. Small bag was ninety nine cents! Have you priced lace lately! This was a great deal! The lace was clean and in good condition. It will come in handy for many different projects we have in the "idea box"!

While we can't speak for each and every thrift store, we can for our local thrift shop which has a couple of locations if you live here in the Bay Area you may want to check out. Ours is clean. They put out new merchandise daily. Have special tag color sales. Send out discount coupons and have a variety of items from housewares to clothes!

We hope you are inspired to do a little thrift shopping this weekend!
                              Oh what treausres await you!
                             Remember, keep it Homespun!

Photos/Source                                I call to the Lord, who is worthy of praise,
Homespun With Love                    and I am saved from my enemies.
                                                      Psalm 18:3

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  1. Great finds, all 3! I can just imagine the thrill of stumbling upon treasures like these in the store. :-)

  2. It‘s great that I could find your blog about your link at Finding Fabulous. So I’ve scrolled a little and like what I see…. ;) I’m your new follower!

    Have a nice day

  3. Love your thrifting finds! It is always a Yahoo when you find a Pottery Barn item! Those are cute!

  4. I just LOVE thrifting! Cool finds!

  5. I LOVE our thrift stores! We have 3 probably within a 10 mile radius. I just LOVE finding stuff there!!

  6. Thrifting is one of my fav things to do! Totally therapeutic. Great finds is right!

    Delighted Momma

  7. Wow great finds...big score on the flowers and lace! I never find good crafting stuff at my local thrift stores...but it doesn't stop me from buying a bunch of other stuff I really don't need! I came over from the Sunday Scoop link party.

  8. awesome those little plates are my favorites

  9. Well done for finding fantastic bargains. Just goes to show, bargain shopping does pay.