Monday, August 8, 2011

Good For You: {All Natural Green Iced Tea}

Healthy, natural, delicious green iced tea! Instead of paying for overpriced so called "healthy" iced tea beverages, that probably really are not so good for you, why not make up a fresh iced tea beverage yourself! It really is quite simple and you will feel good knowing that you are giving your family a refreshing beverage with added health benefit's! 

What You Will Need:
Tea bags. We found these cold brew tea bags from Twinings and glad we did!
The tea is infused with dried mint!
 {Although the box says "cold brew" we still prefer to "sun brew" our tea.}
Fresh water. Agave nectar {we like the Amber Raw Organic} 
Lemon. Ice cubes

                                               How To:
    Place 6-7{more or less depending on desired strength} tea bags in a large glass jug that has a lid.
Fill the jug with fresh water, place the lid on,  and place jug outdoors where it will be in bright direct sunlight for several hours. Once the tea is sun brewed, remove the tea bags. If desired, transfer tea in to a serving pitcher and serve on the side: Agave Nectar{if you have never used Agave Nectar before, please note that it is 3 times sweeter than sugar. So use sparingly.}, lemon wedges and ice!

We hope you are inspired to sun brew up some healthy goodness!
Remember, keep it Homespun!

Make Your face shine upon Your servant;
Save me for Your mercies sake.
Psalm 31:16

Homespun With Love

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  1. Thanks for the idea...I drink green tea all the time. I will be trying this tomorrow!

    Gems x