Friday, October 21, 2011

Graveyard Bones and Slime

Halloween food fun! If you can't have fun playing with food at Halloween , than when can you? Well around here we pretty much have food fun all the time! Today we have concocted  for you some Graveyard Bones and Slime with a spider on the side!These would be great to whip up for the kids as an after school surprise treat!

You will need:
Pretzels{we use the medium sized Honey Wheat pretzels from Trader Joe's}Vanilla candy melts. Pistachio pudding mix. Halloween shot glasses.{we found our skeleton shot glasses at the party store for 2 for .99 cents}Spiders for garnish.

 Melt your candy melts according to directions. Lay down a piece of wax paper to place your bones{dipped pretzels on to set up}.Begin dipping the pretzels. While you pretzels are setting up, mix up your pudding. Pour into clean glasses and refrigerate. After our candy coating set up, we back added more candy coating to one end of a pretzel for the bone-like affect.

When ready to serve, place one of your graveyard bones into the slime cup.Garnish with a spider.To eat these use your bone and a little wooden ice cream spoon.

   Do you have any plans this Halloween to make up some fun Halloween fun foods?!
We hope you are inspired! Remember, keep it Homespun!

                      If you falter in times of trouble,
                      how small is your strength!
                      Proverbs 24:10
Homespun With Love
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