Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Vintage Garland:{Matthew Mead}

Simple Halloween Garland!
Every mantel needs a good garland!Especially at Halloween! And it could not be any easier than this! As we continue on with our vintage Halloween decorating theme, you will be happy to know this garland is as inexpensive as it it cute! So get ready to WOW yourself and your guests with  this easy craft!

What You Will Need:
Matthew Mead templates. Ribbon. Crepe paper streamer roll.
Tape. Scissor. Hole punch.

Matthew Mead Halloween templates

Matthew Mead Halloween templates

                                         How To:
                             Download, print and cut out your templates{see above}.
Cut to your desired length your ribbon to fit your mantel. Punch one hole on each side of your templates.
Arrange in the desired pattern you will use for the hung garland. Cut off about 12 inches of your crepe paper.
Fold it in an accordion folds. Take your large Jack-O -Lantern template and turn it over face down.
Work your folded crepe paper around the edge of the template making a complete circle and tape down the crepe paper as you go.
                                                        It should look like this below.

                                               Flip it over and this is what it should look like.

                         Thread your ribbon through the template holes to create your Halloween garland.
                          We tied on bits of colored scrap ribbon we had for that little something extra.

We love how the garland turned out. We hope you are inspired.
Remember, keep it Homespun!
Happy Halloween!
 A generous man will himself be blessed,
for he shares his food with the poor.
Proverbs 22:9

Homespun With Love
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