Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dollar Store Host/Hostess Gift #2

Thinking Of You! Your host/hostess may not make a peep about how tired they are or how they would love a good soak in the tub to ease some aches and pains.  But that doesn't mean you can't read between the lines and treat them to a quiet, relaxing mineral bath scented of Coconut Breeze!
When all the guests have gone home and all the leftovers are put away, you will be a hero!

Just the thought of a long soak in the tub begins to calm and relax you!

We found the stress relieving mineral soak at the Dollar Tree. Normally,  these types of less expensive body products leave a lot to be desired, however, much to our surprise, this was an exception. Honestly it smelled good. {right on Dollar Tree!}. We used a burlap scrap, decoupage paper scrap and thank you stamp.

Measure and cut burlap to fit around the bottle. Secure with hot glue or double sided tape.

Measure and cut scrap paper to fit bottle. Stamp with rubber stamp. Secure paper over burlap using tape or hot glue.

And their you have it! A very thoughtful and easy host/hostess gift! We hope you have been inspired!
Remember, keep it Homespun!

                                              You are my refuge and my shield;
                                              I have put my hope in Your word.
                                              Psalm 119:114

Homespun With Love
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  1. Ooooh! This makes me want a bath right now! I would be delighted if you would link this post to Spa{ahhh} Sundaze ( Your newest GFC groupie. :)



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