Monday, November 21, 2011

Horn of Plenty Cones

Share The Bounty. This Thanksgiving share the bounty the Lord has blessed you with, with family and friends by making up some Horns of Plenty Cones, and filling them bountifully with whatever your hear desires! Sweet treats, savory treats, homemade speciality treats ~ there is not right or wrong way ~ to share some of the bounty with others. Just bless someone the Homespun way!

We started out with 12 x 12 sheets of scrap book paper. Double sided tape. Blessings rubber stamp and ink pad. Dollar Tree Harvest paper doilies.

We love these doilies. You get 32 per pack for a buck! Love the quality, design work and the cost!

We started by printing our Blessings greeting on to the doilies first so the ink would be good and dry.

Next we used our scrap book paper to roll up some cones. We secured them with double stick tape.

We taped another doilie to the interior of the cone for more interest.

   We taped on, carefully, our printed doilies onto the front, the seamless part of the cone.

Lastly we filled the cones with sweet, tasty treats!

These can be used as a single favor and wrapped up in some cello wrap. Or you can fill them with assorted goodies and set them about for the family to nibble from during Thanksgiving.

We hope we have inspired you share the bounty and make up some Horn of Plenty Cones this holiday!
Remember, keep it Homespun!
                                                         My help comes from the Lord,
                                                        The Maker of heaven and earth.
                                                        Psalm 121:2

Homespun With Love
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