Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pretty Match Box

Light It Pretty! Why not have a pretty match box to use when lighting your Christmas candles during the Christmas season. Many of us use a lighter, which are very unattractive. Having a pretty festive box of wooden matches to use instead adds a bit of nostalgia and interest to the candle lighting ritual.

Loving Martha Stewart's Christmas paper this season, we used it to cover our match box. What we used is: Martha Stewart Christmas paper. Double sided tape. Metallic pipe cleaner scrap. Box of wooden matches.

Using your match box, measure and cut your paper to size for both sides of the match box. We cut layering pieces. One that looked like wood grain and another more decorative piece. We only used one piece on the back side.

Apply tape to paper and apply in layers. We cut a little piece of pip cleaner to use like a collar on the Christmas deer and glued it on.

                   Doesn't he look grand and ready to prance around in the Christmas snow!

The glitter red stars we found at the Dollar Tree this year.

Instead of hiding the old match box away in a drawer or cupboard, now you can gladly display it out for all to see.

This would make a great little extra something to add to a candle gift you may be gifting. Or you could tuck a gift card to a candle shop {check out the great candle shops on Etsy!} into the match box as another idea.

We don't have to settle for ugly when with a few pieces of paper and tape we can have pretty! Be inspired!

He provides food for the cattle,
and for the young ravens when they call.
Psalm 147:9
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  1. Good idea ! Could decorate "bathroom matches" boxes, too. Just sayin'

  2. Great idea... thinking this would be a nice touch for "bathroom matches" box, too !

  3. A really sweet Christmas idea.
    Elle and Lou