Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fireplace Munch Mix

Give Them Something To Munch On!  If you are looking for something a little different in the snack mix area, we have something really festive for you to try today! Usually during this time of the year the snack mixes one buys or makes are of the savory type, which are fine, but we like variety over here. If you are ready to change this years snack mix up some than lets go!

We stumbled upon another great marshmallow find at Target. This time cute mini Gingerbread marshmallows! Can you stand it! We are as passionate about gingerbread as we are peppermint. See them peaking through on the little sticks above!

To make the Fireplace Munch Mix you well need: Mini Gingerbread Marshmallows. Honey roasted peanuts. Small stick pretzels. 1 bag microwave popcorn. Cinnamon.

                             Here they are. So cute and friendly!

            The recipe can be found on the back of the Gingerbread Marshmallow bag.

                                Pop your corn and dump it into a big bowl.

                               Next add the cinnamon.

                                 Then the pretzels...


                                and the fluffy cute Gingerbread marshmallows.

                      Now mix everything together, careful to keep the popcorn in tact.

For the presentation: you will need: Glass jar with locking lid {Dollar Tree}. Ribbon. Double sided tape. Doilie. Free printables from TomKat Studio.

                   Fill jar with the Fireplace Munch Mix.

                             Close and seal tightly.

 Apply tape tho the back of a doilie and stick on the top of the jar.

  We punched the printable out using a 3" round punch and taped it on to the doilie.

Punch a hole in the tag and tie it on the neck of the jar with ribbon.

                                      Now, isn't that pretty and festive!

We are not exactly sure why this is called "Fireplace" other than maybe because of the cinnamon in the mix or because it is intended to be munched on with friends and family around the Christmas fireplace. We like that thought best of all. We hope you will enjoy this mix as you snuggle up by the fireplace. Br inspired!

                                            Let them praise the name of the Lord,
                                            for His name alone is exalted,
                                            His splendor is above the earth and the
                                            Psalm 148:13
 Source/Homespun With Love
Printables/ TomKat Studio
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  1. Looks scrumptious ♥ I have been thinking about mixin' up some munchies!

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