Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Homemade Bar Soap

The Gift Of Clean. Are you making most of your Christmas gifts this year? We certainly are and loving each step of the way! We decided we wanted to make some homemade soap bars as gifts. Never making soap before, we were happily surprised with the ease of the process and the product end result.

We knew we wanted our soap to have herbs in it for the health benefits as much as for the ethic's. We grow rosemary in the garden and always have mint in the house from the organic market. So that is the way we went with our fragrance choice and the look of the herbs are lovely in soap.

                                                  These are the things we used:

We chose Olive Oil soap base. This formulation is made so that anything you add to the mixture does not sink, but is actually suspended through out the formed soap.

                           We found Spearmint and Rosemary fragrance additive.

                          Clean and dry herbs to to add to the blend.

Using a microwave safe bowl, cut off the amount of soap base you will need from the slab in come in and place it in to the bowl. Following the directions, melt down the soap into liquid form.

                                 Once it is melted, it will look like this.

  Time to add in fresh herbs and oil. Follow directions on package as to how much oil to add.

                                     Mix well to incorporate everything together.

Pour your soap mixture into clean dry soap molds or any other container you may be using. Allow to sit and set up about an hour. Some recipes we read said to put the soap in the freezer to set up. We just kept ours on the kitchen counter away from disruptions.

This is what the poured soap looks like poured in the mold. You can see how the herbs are suspended throughout the soap base.

  Here is a closer look which will end up being the bottom side of the soap bar.

Once soap is set up, you will need to remove it from the mold by flipping the mold over and using your thumbs to apply firm gentle pressure on the mold to help release the soap. And here is the final product. The top photos are the soap topside, and the bottom photo is the underside of the soap.

It may look as though the added herbs are sticking through the soap, but they are not. The bottoms are completely smooth and nice.

 We bought some Avery oval labels number 22804 if you are interested and went to their website for a printing template to use for the front label of our soap. We also used Cathe Holden Frondescent Design for the back label.

Wrap your bar of soap tightly in a plastic wrap that has a good cling factor to it. Apply sticker to the back for decoration and to secure the wrap.

                           Design your label and apply to the front side of the soap bar.

                    We love glassine bags and love using them for everything.

                  Using a Christmas stamp, stamp a greeting on to the glassine bag.

We used a small doilie and ribbon to embellish the top of the bag. Fold the bag down twice, fold over the doilie, punch two holes through the doilie and bag together and run the ribbon through.

All set for gift giving. We love the color combination of the green soap, the red front label and the blue gift packaging.

                             This soap should be good for about a month.

You still have time to make up a batch of handmade soap for Christmas gifts. They really are alot of fun to make. Be inspired!
                                             He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress;
                                             and for his children it will be a refuge.
                                             Proverbs 14:26

Source/Homespun With Love
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  1. This is fabulous! I love the packaging too! Gotta love homemade gift ideas : D

    Found you on the Tip Junkie link up ; )

    xo Kristle

  2. Hi Kristin - I know nothing about soap making. Where do you buy these supplies? Somewhere like Michael's or Hobby Lobby? One of my favorite scent combos is lavender and vanilla. I would love to be able to make my own soap.

  3. I would never have thought of rosemary and spearmint together. This is a great project to do with your family. I love it.

  4. MMMMMM, and the packaging is so very sweet:)I would love if you stopped over to link up at Get Schooled Saturday a Too Much Time on my Hands!


  5. Homemade soaps are such a fun idea. I love that you can customize them so much and your packaging just takes the cake on this. I love the attention to detail as it really takes this already lovely idea from being something cute to something that I'd have thought you bought in a store.

  6. This looks super easy! Thank you for the tutorial! I have tons of fresh rosemary and lavender growing so I may just have to try this :)