Saturday, December 10, 2011

Snowman Soup

The Legend of the Snowman While playing outside after a beautiful winter storm, a young boy wandered too far from home and lost his way back.  Eventually he stumbled upon the old country church where his family attended services each week.  Standing silently in front of the building was a large snowman.  He seemed to be just waiting to help the scared and lonely lad.
This happy winter visitor made of pure white snow reminded the young man of the holy nature of God.  The three round balls that form his body symbolized the Holy Trinity—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—each a part of the whole being.The tall, silk top hat, a symbol of honor, brought to mind what the preacher said about our need to always honor the Lord.

The snowman’s coal eyes stared intently at the boy, reminding him of God’s continual care, and the fact that the Heavenly Father always knows where we are and what’s happening in our lives.
The smiling mouth also made of coal reminded the youngster to be joyful and praise the Lord always for His many blessings—even when things are difficult.
The bright carrot nose made him think of the colorful world the Lord made for us and the constant beauty that surrounds us each season of the year.
As the boy stood there staring at his new friend, he thought about the warm, protective love of God as he looked at the scarf around the snowman’s neck.
But it was the twig arms spread wide open that made him cry.  He knew that God’s arms of love and forgiveness are always open to all who come to Him.
Once he saw the snowman in front of the old church, the boy knew he could find his way home. The friendly visitor was there just when the youngster needed reassurance and hope, very much like our Heavenly Father; but unlike the snowman that eventually melts away, our Heavenly Father never leaves us.  He is always there when we need Him. Source

Isn't that a sweet little story! We were inspired to make our Snowman Soup jars by Kori of Paper & Pigtails. Kori designed a new party printables collection and wanted to share a bit of her sweet Snowman Soup prtintable for all to use!

As you can see, we really glamed up our Snowman Soup jars for the Christmas season. To make these jars you will need: small mason jars. Ingredients are also to be added into the jars in order listed. Hot chocolate mix.{ We used  about 2/3 cups per jar.} Chocolate chips. {We used a good handful of mini chocolate chips}. Mini marshmallows. Use as many as will top off the jar. Candy canes.

To decorate the  outside of the jar you will need: Snowman Soup printables. Double sided tape. Feather boa from the craft store sold in a package.

After you have filled your jars, cut out the printables and tape onto the lid and front and back of the jar. Next, using a glue gun, apply a dab of glue on the outer rim of the lid and begin attaching the trim. Dot glue as you move around the lid and secure the trim all the way around. Now you can decide where you want to place your candy cane and use a dab of glue to secure. Ready for gifting!

        The Snowman Soup can be made in a teapot to share with another.

We love the addition of the doilie to give the look of a "snowflake" to our Snowman Soup jar.

This is what the card says about the Snowman Soup. We placed this on the back side of our jars.

                   Doesn't that mug of chocolate look good?!

How about making a hot chocolate bar and lining these up to use or take home as a favor.

   Do you have teachers and neighbors you need a little gift for? These will warm their hearts!

We like the idea of using these as favors or prizes at a Christmas cookie exchange or Church function.

Better yet, why not make up several and keep them on display in your kitchen, and when the wintry weather turns cold and frosty, you can grab a jar and get toasty warm with a mug of Snowman Soup!

Have fun making these and giving these this gift giving season! Be inspired!
                                                   Praise Him, all His angels,
                                                   praise Him all His heavenly hosts.
                                                   Psalm 148:2

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  1. Loved that story..just what I needed today I feel really frazzeled. thank you Frances

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  6. Adorable! I have heard of Snowman Soup before, but never with the wonderful story! This is a must-do activity with my girls. They will LOVE the boa around the top! Thanks for the awesome idea! Merry Christmas!

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