Monday, January 9, 2012

Frosty Pillar Candles

Fire And Ice. We decided to bring a little icy frost and fire into the house this Winter. Yes, the two opposing elements can work together in a crafty sort of way. We got our inspiration from none other than Martha Stewart. Simple household ingredients give you a very good thing.

We used: Epsom salt.Three nicely scented Dollar Tree candles. Mod Podge. Paint brush. Plastic container or box.

                             Place roughly three cups of Epsom salt into the container.

                   Unwrap candles and paint on Mod Podge all around the candle.

Place candle in to the Epsom salt and roll it around to completely cover it. We found it easier and got more coverage by applying the Epsom salt with our hands over the box. Set aside to dry.

                         Do the same process on the other candles.

                                  Allow candles to completely dry.

To display candles we used a Dollar Tree kitchen plate. Added a cup or two of Epsom salt to the plate and placed on our frosty pillar candles. A little touch of frosty greenery is charming.

 Love the frosty, icy blue candles. Makes you want to put on a pair of ice skates and go skating!

Can't you just feel the cool, crisp Winter snow on your face now coming off these frosty pillar candles?!

                       The Epsom salt takes on the look of "beaded" candles at times.

 We really like the way the Mod Podge was applied a little thicker at the top of the candle and gives a realistic  feel of how snow fell and stayed a little more in those spots.

These candles would be a nice touch near the tub. Save some of that Epsom salt and light your candles for a relaxing Winter soak.

We love the simplicity of these frosty pillar candles. They are simply beautiful to look at even if they are never lit. Lets not forget those Winter babies who have birthday's coming up. These would be a really nice gift to give. Be inspired, get creative!

May the Lord answer you when you are in distress;
may the name of the God of Jacob protect you.
Psalm 20:1

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  1. These look like they are straight out of a catalog- amazing.

  2. They're lovely, and look so cool when they're lit--nice job!

  3. i LOVE THIS! Great job!

  4. Wonderful! I absolutely love these. I'm definitely going to have to try this. :) I'm a new follower from the Don't Waste Your Homemaking blog hop.

  5. beautiful! I have a seen a few of these on Pinterest and have wanted to try it, however, I've never seen one of these candles lit! They are beautiful! Thanks for linking up at theHomemaking Party, hope to see you next week :)!

  6. What a beautiful project! I will have to try this; have epsom salts on hand already. Mod Podge, too, I think. Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous idea!

  7. What a great project! Won't you consider sharing it with my readers at Thanks! Happy New Year!

  8. Man, I am so glad I found your site! I am loving how simple and beautiful your winter projects are!

    Thanks again for linking up at 52mantels!

  9. I love Epson salt...the candles look great...xo

  10. So cute, I made the smae thing! I love how it looks on the blue candles, never thought to use a color. You have some nice snowy Epsom salt!

  11. So pretty! I did this at Christmas with white candles but your blue ones are so much prettier. I am inspired to try it again! I have a link party on Fridays. I would love if you came by and linked up!

  12. These are great, I'm pinning them, will definitely have to give it a try! found you at Whipper Berry's party- thanks for linking these up. :)

  13. So cute! I love having candles going in the winter because it adds such a warm glow to my house! Thanks for sharing!

  14. How pretty! I love the winter colors!

  15. I LOVE the look, but what about come summer and the humidity? Anyone have thoughts on that?

  16. My plan is to wrap the candles in tissue paper and store them, probably in a box, in a cool dry location -- like the drawer where I store the rest of my candles. I think they will be fine stored like that -- but if not, I can always make more. The components are incredibly inexpensive.