Saturday, February 11, 2012

Printable Valentine Treat Packaging

How do you plan to package and present your Valentine gifts and treats this year?! It has been said that  we eat with our eyes first when it comes to food, but we think the same can be said when it comes to gift giving too. It doesn't matter if your gift is homemade or store bought, the packaging message is the same. With that said, we found five Valentine treat/gift packaging ideas that are free, printable, cute and easy to put together!

We found these cute Valentine mail boxes from HP Creative Studio. One in pink for the girls, and one in blue for the boys. These come more to mind for the little kids, although perfectly fine for anybody. These are the perfect way to collect all those Valentines! Make one for each member of the family and exchange Valentines by going to the mailboxes!

Don't let the boys fool you. They love getting Valentine cards and treats as much as the girls!

If you would like to make up some of these pink and blue Valentine mailboxes, please find the links provided below.

Valentine Postbox
HP Creative Studio: Pink Valentine Mail Box

Valentine Mailbox
HP Creative Studio: Blue Valentine Mail Box

We picture these Valentine treat boxes for the tweens, teens and adults. These are also from  the HP Creative Studio.

                                               This box spells out the word "LOVE".

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to line up and fold some paper crafts, it just doesn't quite come out looking as clean and crisp as you would like.

                   This box just says "Valentine". Love the damask print and the colors.

                                 These little boxes can be filled with any number of things.

                                    Of course we choose Valentine candy for ours!

If you would like to use these little boxes for Valentines treats, please fin the link provided below.

Valentine’s Day Heart Clasp Boxes
HP Creative Studio: Heart Clasp Valentine's Boxes

This last little box is actually a treat "bag". Love the red and black and the swirl design. Once again, this is from HP Creative Studio.

This idea in our minds, is definitely for the lovers Valentine's treats. It has the sassy edge to it we like this season.

If this is what you are looking for to put your sweethearts goodies in, you can find the link provided below.

Valentine’s Day Fold-Over Gift Bags
HP Creative Studio: Fold Over  Valentine's Day Gift Bags

We hope we have shown you something you find useful this Valentine's Day to package your sweets in! Be inspired, get creative!

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Proverbs 19:1

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