Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tangerine Tango On A Budget

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Have you thought about incorporating Pantone's color of the year, Tangerine Tango into your home decor? Yes, it is time once again to change up the home decor and fashion color. According to Pantone, this reddish orange Tangerine Tango color continues to provide the energy boost needed to move forward. If you are like most, you don't have the disposable cash just waiting for you to spend on a complete home makeover of Pantone's favored color. Now that does not mean you have to go entirely without the trendy color gracing your home. We found some ways for you to add this energizing color to your home in ways that are appealing to the eye and the pocket book.

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Bring in the touch of Tangerine Tango into your kitchen by way of updating your everyday flatware. For those of you who are really frugal, do-it-yourselfer's, why not whip out a can of spray paint and give the handles of your flatware a nice refreshing face lift?!

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One can never have too many sheets in the linen closet. A great way to trend up your bedroom or guest  room is by adding in some new Tangerine Tango bedding in the way of sheets and pillow cases.

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Accent pieces such as decorative bed or sofa pillows add a nice simple touch to a room and bring in color, texture and design. Accent rugs tie everything together and make nice spots for the kids or animals to play. Don't forget to check out local thrift stores, yard and estate sales to save and be fashion forward!

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While you may not have a chair reupholstered in Tangerine Tango, you just might pick up a chair or sofa slip cover. You crafty girls may even find yourselves getting some fabric dye and doing it yourself!


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Those trays that you have been passing up at yard sales and thrift stores, and a can of spray paint, might just be the things you need to add a splash of color to your kitchen and entertaining.

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Nice over sized pillows can be easily made with some Tangerine fabric you pick up on sale.

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Add a little color and drama to your walls with some Tangerine wall paper! If the entire wall is out of the question, try framing some Tangerine colored fabric squares or scrap book paper for a similar effect.

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This is our favorite! Taking an ordinary wall hook and jazzing it up into something fresh and trendy!

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Don't forget  when you are looking to organize and store things to look for Tangerine colored bins. Not only functional, but attractive too!

So, now that you have a few ideas of how to bring in the new 2012 Pantone color of the year, where do you think you will begin? Be inspired, get creative!

He who keeps the commandment keeps his soul,
But he who is careless of his ways will die.
Proverbs 19:16

Photos/Source: Style At Home .com

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