Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunflower Mantel

    Sunflower how we love thee!

Hello, and thank you for stopping by!We hope today's post inspires you to do something creative with sunflowers!

Ever since childhood there has been a love and fascination of sunflowers. They were always in our gardens and they seemed to be praising the heavens with their heads held up high in the sky. 

When we saw the sunflowers, we knew it was summertime!

Bright, cheerful and friendly they are. An icon of summers past, present and future. Oh sunflower, how we love thee!

Our vision was to create a sunflower mantel with a vintage feel. Bringing in some of the elements we remember as a child in late Spring, early Summer. Of course the star of the mantel is the sunflower.

In creating our sunflower mantel, we only had to purchase the sunflowers. The sunflowers were initially bought to use in centerpieces for a birthday party,and will still be used that way. But since we had so many, we used some to decorate our mantel with in the meantime. 

When we were kids there was a Coca~Cola commercial that said, "things go better with coke". Maybe a few of you remember that. And do you remember how we use to be able to take the empty coke bottles back to the store and get some money! 

We love the old style vintage coke bottle with all of its nostalgia. The little pop of red is happy and fun too.

Yes it is true, things do go better with coke, even if the bottle is empty.

Some of the other pieces we used to create our mantel were: a little wooden box, fabric flowers and a wicker basket.

The black and white check pattern of the flower reminds us of summertime picnic's.

Do you ever find something at the thrift store and buy it because you really like it and you know eventually you will use it for something and than it sits in your stash for awhile because you have not found the right "look" for said item yet?

That was the case with this red basket. It originally came from Bath & Body Works and we found it at the thrift store. It has the look of a picnic basket/fisherman's basket in one.

Finally decided to put it to good use here on the sunflower mantel to give the feel of a picnic basket. It also has a vintage feel to it as well. We just tucked the long handle straps down inside the basket.

Candles, mason jars, burlap and lace lend a nice touch to the look of the mantel and each tell a story of their own.

A few vintage bottles that do not want to give up their dirt hold sunflowers.

We didn't use a lot of stuff on the mantel, but what we used had sentimental value for us. Reminding us of all those sunflower filled days of summers past.

What memories of sunflowers do you hold fondly in your heart? Be inspired. Get creative!

If the righteous will be recompensed on the earth,
How much more the ungodly and the sinner.
Proverbs 11:31

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  1. I LOVE this because I too love sunflowers!! I wanted to try and grow some this year but Im still stumped on where I want to put them.. The mantel looks beautiful!

  2. Love this idea. I love sunflowers too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love, LOVE, love sunflowers! What a great mantle, cool basket and so many fun glass bottles!

  4. Gorgeous! It's easy to see all the effort and thought you put into every little detail

  5. Love Sunflowers....what a great mantle! :) Thanks so much for sharing at {Homemade By You}

  6. How pretty! I love sunflowers, they are such happy, cheery flowers!

  7. Beautiful mantel...and beautiful pictures!

    Thanks for sharing them!

    @ Creatively Living

  8. I love your sunflowers. They make the mantel look so happy. I linked over from At The Picket Fence. Your attention to detail makes the mantel look amazing.

  9. Sunflower would make any place a happy one! love the mantel

  10. What a pretty mantel. Love the sunflower theme!
    Thanks for linking!
    Stacey :o)