Saturday, July 7, 2012

Home Decor: Vintage & Modern DIY Kitchen Art

Mixing it up in the kitchen!

Hi their! Thank you for joining us here today! By the title one might assume we are doing some baking or cooking today. Hate to disappoint you, but we are not. 

What we are mixing up are some design styles. We have taken two of the design styles we like, vintage and modern, and married them together in our own little way to brighten up our kitchen with what we call, vintage and modern kitchen art.

Red is such a great color in the kitchen. We love it use it quite a bit.  We read somewhere using the color red in the kitchen is suppose to stimulate the appetite. That could be good or not so good right!

So what you are looking at in the above photo is the side of one of our kitchen cupboards that is to the left of the kitchen sink , and has a window above the sink. Our kitchen does not have much wall space to decorate with but we find ways around that and make it interesting. 
So here we go with how we put together our vintage and modern kitchen art.

While at Michael's we purchased three of these laser cut wood frames.
 We already had the Krylon Cherry Red paint. 

We sprayed each frame approximately three times to get  good coverage and allowed them to  try completely.

Other supplies we used were glue, thick white card stock, scissor, craft knife and Graphics Fairy free vintage prints.

Just love this vintage graphic print.

And these too.

And of course who doesn't just LOVE mason jars real or on print! You can find all of these free graphic prints over at The Graphics Fairy under Black and White Clip Art.

After printing off your graphics, take your frame and place it over the print to size it for cutting.

Cut out your images.

After you have cut the graphic, take your heavy piece of card stock and place some glue on the graphic and center it in the center of the card stock, press down and allow to dry. 

{Although we started off with white glue, we did end up using hot glue for this project. The white glue puckered the paper up more than we cared for}

Once the graphic has dried, apply glue to the back of the painted frame and place down on top of the print. You will need to go back and touch some areas up here and their. If need, place a heavy book on top of the frame so it adheres and dries evenly.

When everything is good and dry, use a craft knife to trim away some of the card stock paper. 

And here is the print all trimmed and ready to be hung up.

Here is the vintage silverware print. 

And on our kitchen window sill we have a piece of old fashioned geranium we are trying to root to start more plants. Love the color and how it  adds to the vintage vibe.

As the jar says, the perfect mason.  So much nostalgia in those jars.

Really love this print! Who remembers using those egg beaters to make up a recipe or even scrambled eggs?!

As we said earlier, we find interesting ways to decorate our kitchen with limited open wall space and the two cupboards on each side of the sink are great little spots. Now, we need to do something with the other side!

Do you like mixing design styles to fit your taste, or are you a purist and stick to one style throughout? 
Be inspired. Get creative!

Incline your ear and hear the words of the wise,
And apply your heart to my knowledge.
Proverbs 22:17

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  1. These are so cute! I love them! :)

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  3. i love how you mixed it up turened out great

  4. i really just love this...I have the same exact spot near my sink on the end of the cabinets! perfect! thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. Red is my favorite color and I love the choice of frames and graphics!! Thanks for sharing this at the {what's shakin' link party}!!

  6. What a fantastic DIY! I just bought one of these frames from Michaels and now wish I had picked up a trio! My favourite is definitely the frame with the ball jar graphic.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  8. I love these, so darling. The printables and all. Can you tell me where I can find those frames. I have been seeing them more and more on blogs. I love them.

    P.S. sharing this on my FB page. winks, jen

  9. These are sooo cute, now following! Hugs, Tanya

  10. LOVE LOVE!! The combo of the red and the vintage prints is just perfect!!!

  11. what size are those frames? I was at Michaels today, but only saw one's that where about 4inches (would hold about a 2 inch pic) & yours look bigger....really want these THANKS!!

  12. The colours really pop! It makes a unique look in the kitchen or dining area... and it's so easy to make.

  13. great job - I love the bell jar graphic too - though I used the no label one with my kids as a craft project for them to fill in!

  14. We must have kindred RED spirits! sweet project and LOVE the retro pics!

  15. Love these, red is my favourite colour, just a pity I'm in the UK and can't get these frames until someone goes on holiday to the US, then it will be red frames ahoy!

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    and any other posts you'd like to share that have to do with homesteading and homemaking!

  17. Love them! Those frames are really cool!

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    Natasha in Oz

  20. I really love these frames, they are awesome, very nicely done, love the red contrast with black and white, very clever. Thanks for sharing it.

  21. Absolutely love this! Love the RED & the vintage feel! So creative & fabulous!

  22. I am trying to describe these to every Michaels and nobody knows what I am talking about! Do you by any chance still have the item number? There are no Michaels super close to where I can just quick run by and take a look.

    1. I used these frames for a project in April. I went back last week for more and they are all gone! The spot on the wall where they were is gone and everything. When I asked Michaels employees, they too had no idea what I was talking about. Checked two different stores that had previously had the frames and it seems like they are not going to be stocked there anymore. :(

  23. Soooo cute! Thanks so much for sharing this great idea!

  24. red is my favorite accent color!!! great project!!

  25. I LOVE these Kristin!!

    Thanks for linking up this week! I featured your post in my wrap up Have a great rest of the weekend

  26. These a beautiful and so cool! Wish my Michael's carried those frames!

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  28. This is so much more than i needed!!! but will all come in use thanks!!
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  29. The Vintage & Modern Kitchen Art is a unique concept & I like it. Décor kitchen wall & Outside blinds are great idea to accomplish looks. I must thankyou for such useful and easy DIY model.

  30. thank you x 1 million. love all these vintage things, and they are printable for FREE when they cost a pretty penny to buy them from etsy, I am handy enough to do them myself.. Woohoo!

  31. Just love this blood red shades. So beautiful frames that it's too hard to resist yourselves from sharing this