Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cupcake Paper Ornaments

Something without cake. Loving how versatile something that was meant for cake is. If you have not explored the world of cupcake papers outside of the kitchen, you will be amazed. So, to add more red and white, Scandinavian touches to our tree, we turned to our left over mini cupcake papers we had on hand.

Christmas Ornament Number Four

What you will need to make cupcake paper ornaments:

Cupcake papers. {we used mini's}
Card stock.
3" circle craft punch for the mini papers.
Glue. {we used glue dots}
Something sharp to poke a hole for string.

How to make cupcake paper ornaments:

Flatten out your cupcake papers. Cut your card stock circles. Glue cupcake paper to card stock circle. poke a little hole in the top of the ornament and run your string through.

We didn't think these needed any additional embellishment and wanted to keep them looking like what they are more or less.

Stripes, chevron stripes and snowflakes.

So many ideas for making handmade ornaments, cupcake papers are a fun way to add something a little different to the tree.

Be inspired, get creative!

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Proverbs 17:18

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  1. I tried these with my youngsters at school. I found that some cupcake papers do not lay flat 8-( and we had to cut little snips around it to make it lay flat. The kddos liked them and we added a few sequins and some glitter to cover our mistakes and to embellish them a bit more. Thanks for an inexpensive craft though!