Thursday, December 6, 2012

Handmade Box Christmas Ornaments

Something handmade, homemade. Growing up our family Christmas tree had a collection of vintage glass ornaments passed down and a collection of handmade ornaments made by the children and by mother. While the store bought Christmas ornaments are beautiful and memory making, a handmade, homemade ornament speaks directly to the heart unlike anything from the store.

Christmas Ornament Number Two

Christmas just wouldn't seem the same without a wreath.
Did you know......

The wreath has an important place in the history of Christmas. According to historians, wreaths have had a special place in pre-Christian era itself. It is said that in Eastern Europe, people used to illuminate wreaths made of evergreen leaves in winters, with the belief that it would bring spring and sunshine. Though the exact origin of a Christmas wreath is not recorded, it is said that they originated before Christianity itself. Since its origin, the Christmas wreath has gone through a multitude of changes, but has retained its significance. It is used to symbolize the festive spirit of Christmas as well as an embellishment for the homes and premises. Go through the following lines to know all about the history and origin of Christmas wreath. {source}

What we used to make our handmade box Christmas ornaments:

Paper mache boxes. {we picked up some the begging of October and never used them. Glad we waited.}

We also used mini trees and wreaths. Mod Podge. Craft snow. Ribbon. Glue. White craft paint.

How we made our handmade box Christmas ornaments:

First we painted the inside and the outside of the box and lid with white craft paint.
Once it was dry, we painted on some Mod Podge and than dusted the box with snow.
When the snow was set and dry we glued down some fluffy snow for our Christmas tree to sit on. We glued the tree to the snow as well.

We also used a wreath for the box lid that we glued on. Using a craft knife, we carefully poked a hole through the top of the box and the lid and ran a piece of ribbon through to hang with.

These turned out more vintage looking than we thought they would. Oh no, we are not complaining, just the opposite, we like them in all their frosty glory!

O Christmas Tree....
Here is some more history for you....

St. Boniface Story
Why do we have a decorated Christmas Tree? In the 7th century a monk from Crediton, Devonshire, went to Germany to teach the Word of God. He did many good works there, and spent much time in Thuringia, an area which was to become the cradle of the Christmas Decoration Industry.
Legend has it that he used the triangular shape of the Fir Tree to describe the Holy Trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The converted people began to revere the Fir tree as God's Tree, as they had previously revered the Oak. By the 12th century it was being hung, upside-down, from ceilings at Christmastime in Central Europe, as a symbol of Christianity.
The first decorated tree was at Riga in Latvia, in 1510. In the early 16th century, Martin Luther is said to have decorated a small Christmas Tree with candles, to show his children how the stars twinkled through the dark night. {source}

As always we hope you have been inspired to create something wonderful! 

Why is there in the hand of a fool the purchase price of wisdom,
Since he has no heart for it?
Proverbs 17:16

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  1. These are lovely. I love home made ornaments!

  2. Very sweet! Thanks for showing us how. Merry Christmas. Linda