Monday, April 29, 2013

Make Your Own Butterfly Birthday Wands

Are you planning a butterfly or garden themed girls party? 

Today we are sharing our butterfly birthday wands idea we recently made for a special little girls first birthday party that may give you some ideas.

Can't think of any little girl, or big girl who just doesn't  love butterflies.

What you will need to make these butterfly wands are:

*Foam butterflies from the craft store
*Long lollipop sticks
*Silk flowers that you have disassembled removing the flower from the stem { we used flowers that had three layers on them to give the wands a more fuller look}
*Ribbon in different colors of your theme
*Sticker gems
*Hot glue

                                     How to assemble the butterfly wands:

 Begin by gluing the smooth side of the glitter butterfly to the lollipop stick.

Once dry, take your flower petals and thread them through the lollipop stick and push them gently up underneath the butterfly.

If your flowers have a centerpiece, glue it to the area between the butterfly and where the flower petals meet.

Tie on the ribbons. Apply the gems to the butterfly antennas.

We used our Cricut to cut out some butterflies and used some of the left over flowers to decorate a can with to hold the wands in.

                                            Every butterfly loves a little bling!

                                                        Standing up nice and pretty!

We also made a garden party garland to go with the butterfly birthday wands in case you missed that post. So get creative and have fun making your own birthday party decorations!

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  1. These are SUPER cute! Please, come share them at our Pinworthy Projecst party tomorrow! We'd love to have you there!