Monday, October 7, 2013

Gypsy Tea Light Jars

In Provence it seems the Gypsies were welcomed.  It is there that they first began to be called Bohemians.  People flocked to them to have their fortunes told.  The Gypsies claimed to have dukes and counts among them, and later added captains and kings. 
The Spanish nobility protected the Gypsies at first.  Gypsy women were adored for their beauty and seductive charms; Gypsy men were admired as excellent judges of the quality of horses, and hired by nobles to procure them for their stables.   But in 1499 King Charles expelled all Gypsies from Spain, under penalty of enslavement. {source and to learn more about Gypsies}

While at the craft store browsing around, we found this cool sliver coin trim and just had to have it. Thus began our inspiration for our Gypsy Tea Light Jars.

If you are looking for a Halloween craft with as few craft supplies as steps to follow, this is it! All you will need is coin trim,[ found at Jo-ann Fabric & Craft Store}, a  mason jar, {any size, but we used a mini}, the screw lid minus the seal, hot glue gun and tea light candle.

Cut to fit your coin trim around the jar lid and glue it on the lid. Place your tea light candle into the jar and you are ready to light and tell some fortunes!

It looks like although a black cat will be crossing your path at the Halloween Ball, the poisonous drink you accidentally drink will not harm you. But you must return home once you see the face in the crescent moon and all will be well when the owl hoots three times.

 We just LOVE  these vintage fortune telling flash cards from the talented Sweetly Scraped.


 So do as the gypsy fortune taller tells you and all will be well with you this All Hallows Eve!

This poor man called, and the LORD heard him; he saved him out of all his troubles.
Psalm 34:6

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  2. Love this! I have not found gypsy coins at the craft store before. I'll have to go check again because I LOVE them! And what are those cards? They look like Halloween tarot cards!

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