Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Drink Wraps For Kids and Adults

You don't have to be planning a Halloween party in order to have fun and festive Halloween Drink Wraps!

Why save all the fun stuff for a party when you can make your own drink wraps for the family...just because... and make some memories and family traditions that will last forever!

That is what we did here. We love taking a boring drink can or bottle and dressing it up and serving it to our family...just because. Celebrating life's special occasions everyday!

Okay, so we have a Halloween drink wrap version for the adults and for the kids. These are really super to put together in the morning when the kids are in school so that when they arrive home they are going to wonder if there is going to be a party tonight! And of course you will answer, " Yes, yes there is. Our family is going to have these fun drinks and some snacks and make our own little party"!


To make the children's Halloween drink wraps you will need: Halloween pattern paper. Tape. Ric Rac. Straws. Washi tape. Free Halloween printables from Somewhat Simple.

Start by measuring, cutting and taping the pattern paper on to your drink cans. We used Izze drinks.

Next tape on the Halloween label. Make a little straw flag from the Washi tape on the straw. Tie the straw to the can with Ric Rac. 
And you are done!

Now for the adults drink wraps! We chose natural ginger ale which can be drank as is or you can use it as a cocktail mix in.

What we used to make these adult drink wraps is: Cheese cloth, scrap book paper, double sided tape, Halloween straws FREE printables from Cathe Holden via World Label.

Measure, cut and wrap the scrap book paper around the drink bottle. Secure with tape.

Download, print, cut and tape on  the free printables onto the drink bottle.

Cut a piece of cheese cloth to tie around the drink bottle neck. Nestle straw in the cheese cloth.

All set! Time to invite the family in to choose their favorite and drink and get the family party started!

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Psalm 34:17

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  1. Geee! I was browsing for more Halloween Food Ideas and drinks. Thanks for sharing and I do hope I could pin some nice photos on my Pinterest boards. Good day!