Friday, August 1, 2014

diy Easy Beach Decor

What to do when you look around your home, and as much as you love, it needs a little pick me up here and their... and painting is out of the question at the time...  what to do?!

We change up our decor of course!!!

That is what we did recently for the bath room. 
Since we already had the beach theme going, 
we just needed to freshen up a bit.

So here is our budget friendly, Easy Beach Decor.

Materials we used:

Premade burlap frame from the craft store
Burlap cut into strips
Foam wreath
Starfish, seashells, hot glue

To assemble:

For our square frame we first placed the star fish on the surface to see how we liked them best and then hot glued them on.

For our wreath, we started by wrapping and gluing as we went along the burlap strips. We did a double wrap to cover our green foam wreath.

Next we arranged to our liking the shells on the wreath and glued them on.


We love how the burlap imitates the look of sand on the if you were strolling along the sandy beach and happened upon some lovely shells and starfish.

We hope you are enjoying this Summer and bringing some of it into your home!

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