Friday, September 19, 2014

Essential Oil Love Potion

We dusted off our caldron and whipped up a lovely little Essential Oil Love Potion
No cat whiskers or nail clippings in this potion! 

Instead you will find the enchanting fragrance of love... like Ylang Ylang and Jasmine to mention a few. 

And love potions are not always with the intent to capture love, but also made with the intent to keep the attraction renewed, alive and well.

A love potion is a very personal thing, and each one is different to that person.

Actual formulas are not given as part of the power of a potion lies with the creator of the blend. (source)

 So the blending of this Essential Oil Love Potion is not a followed recipe per say, but lies with the potion maker.

Now, lets get ready to cast a spell!

Below you will find the love potion making information you will need to make a beautiful love potion.
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What you will need is: 

Love potion bottle(s)
Essential oils 
Carrier oil depending on use
Small funnel

The oils are listed in terms of what portion of the blend they form: MA=major, mi=minor, T=trace. If there is an asterik (*) after the oil, that indicates the oil is a possible irritant and should be used with caution.
NOTE: We used organic fractionated coconut oil in our potion, about 1oz. since our intent was for massage or dabbing.


– Patchouli (MA), Lavender (MA), Cedarwood (mi)

Secret Desires

– heliotrope (MA), Cedarwood (MA), Rose (MA), Frankincense (T)

Increased Desire

– Jasmine (MA), Vanilla (mi), Musk (mi)
Love Me – Rose (MA), Sandalwood (MA), Jasmine (mi)

Enhance Your Romance M

– Rose (MA), Gardenia (mi), Lavender (mi)

Arouse Your Passion

– Jasmine (MA), Rose (MA), Sandalwood (MA), Patchouli (MA), Camphor* (T)


– Ambergris (MA), Jasmine (mi), Musk (mi), Frankincense)

Binding Love

– Ylang Ylang (MA), Jasmine (MA), Champa (mi), Tuberose (mi), White Wine (mi). For this one, place a few drops of this on your lover’s and your heart to bind them in your mutual love for eternity.

Printable 8x10 Love Quote digital download black by JulieSongInk

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Philippians 2:3-4

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