Friday, November 14, 2014

Simple Painted Burlap Table Runner For Thanksgiving

We thought our dinning room table where our Thankful Tree we shared with you needed a little something. 

Some sort of table runner was in order, but we wanted it homemade with a rustic look...enter 
Painted Burlap Table Runner. We got the rustic look we wanted with some gold and black to coordinate with our other decorating touches.

To make a Painted Burlap Table Runner you will need:

A roll of burlap cut to the length of your table. Cut extra if you want the runner to hang over the table length.

Craft paint suitable for fabric. We used some of Martha Stewarts in black and metallic gold.

Round sponge stick application. Or use another sponge design of your liking.

Paint tray or old lid or something to place paint in and dab from.

Old news paper to paint on.

Place newspaper down on work surface either for the entire length of the burlap, or work in sections at a time. Roll out the burlap as needed. 

Place paint in tray, dab into paint a dab a little excess off and begin pressing paint onto burlap in your desired fashion.

Allow to completely dry. 

And there you have it, a simple painted burlap table runner for Thanksgiving!

We hope you have been inspired to create your own burlap table runner!

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1 Peter 2:15-16

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  1. Love polka dots! This turned out so cute.

  2. I absolutely LOVE polka dots and this table runner is so so cute covered all over in them!