Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cake Pops by Natalie - Homespun Feature!

We'd like to introduce you to Natalie, her beautiful family, and her baking skills.
About Natalie: My name is Natalie Stadelman and I live in Littleton CO. I have been married for almost 4 years to the love of my life. We have two darling little boys, ages 2 and 7 months. So generally I am VERY busy with them. I am fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home mom and to me that is the most important thing I can be doing with my time! I love doing anything creative: cooking, baking, decorating, scrapbooks, dancing, designing, etc.

How did you start making such adorable cake creations?: It was in 2009, a few months after my son was born and I decided I needed a hobby or something to give me an outlet while he was napping or playing on the floor. So, I started experimenting with make Fondant by hand. After a couple tries I was making beautiful cakes, it just came natural! I still make Fondant cake, but it is very time consuming (like 8+ hours per cake). So, when the second child came along I no longer had the extra time or hands available, so I took a little break. In the meantime, I started making Cake Pops. Cake Pops are the cutest little cakes in the world!!! I love making them, giving them away and seeing the looks on people’s faces, they are yummy, and adorable… I could go on and on. So, I decided that this was going to be my way to make a little extra money. 

Natalie and her family recently celebrated her two year old sons birthday, here is a look at his adorable party!

What was the theme for this party?: My two year old love cars, the movie Cars, toy cars, trucks, and buses really anything on wheels. So it was really easy to pick this theme.

What did you make for this party?: I made a delicious Fondant two tiered birthday cake. The top tier was yellow cake with a lemon butter cream filling and the bottom tier was chocolate was a vanilla butter cream filling. Everyone loved at and there were no leftovers. I made vanilla and chocolate Cake Bites and Cake Pops!!! Hand rolled and dipper in gourmet chocolates. The kids loved those! I had colorful pails full of candy and of course Goldfish crackers.

What was your sons favorite part of his party?: My son loves Cake Pops (especially the ones with lots of sprinkles) and it was fun sharing that with all his little friends. For more of them it was their first time biting into one of those delicious treats!

How to find Cakes By Natalie:
On facebook: Cakes By Natalie on Facebook
On her new blog: Natalie's Blog

Do you take orders?: I take orders over Facebook, over the phone, and I am working on a Blog that will hopefully be linked to a Pay Pal account.

How far are you able to ship?: Cake Pops ship great! I can send them anywhere in the U.S.A. I use Flat Rate Priority mail, so it is fast and inexpensive.

How much time in advance do you need for custom orders?: I would like a 5-8 day in advanced notice. I am however willing to expedite an order for an additional charge.

We'd like to thank Natalie very much for sharing her beautiful creations and giving us a look at her sons birthday party. Thanks Stadelman Family! We encourage you to take a look at what she can do, get inspired to create your own cakes or order some from Natalie to share with those you love!


  1. Love the car birthday cake! Love your cake pops also! It is a blessing to be able to raise your children at home AND also use the gifts the Lord has given you! We look forward to seeing more!

  2. Did you notice the cake pop stand, Mom? I'm going to try to figure out how she did that!