Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dessert Trends: Seven & Eight

                              Baked Fresh

  Would it surprise you to know there are more bakers and pastry chef's coming out of culinary school these days then ever before? It shouldn't be all that surprising...

to you if you stop to consider all the cute little boutique bake shops that have been, and, still are popping up in neighborhoods these days.
There is alot of competition to bring both unique talent and incredible taste in an effort to keep customers returning not only for that once every other weekend cupcake, oh no! There is that birthday party, bridal shower, wedding and every other occasion we celebrate with food as the focal point!
If you are suddenly overtaken by the homey fresh baked smells of cupcakes, pies, turnovers, cream puffs and the such, during a normal day at home, and you don't happen to be the one baking something in the oven, it is a good chance it is that sweet little sweets shop up the way! Oh, you mean you never even knew it was there? Yes it is, and it is just waiting for you to pay them a sweet little visit! 
Oh, the pretty lady in the photo above is Amy McGehee of sweetsbyamycakes, who had a dream since a little girl of having her own sweets shop. Now she is living her dream! Before you think your dream of having your own sweets shop is just a dream never to come true, hop over and check out Amy's story. It just may be the inspiration you need to dust off your cookbooks and get baking!

                              One Little Bite 

Can you  really have just one little bite of dessert? This food trend is about scaling down large desserts into taste tempting, bite sized morsels that burst with flavor in your mouth!
Most likely you have eaten mini or bite sized cupcakes, but have you eaten mini cheese cakes, cake or candy? These little sweets are gaining in popularity.
This trend of desserts are multi-flavored and textured like, soft centers with hard outer shells, crunchy toppings with meringues, and creamy dreamy melt in your mouth  goodness with chewable additions! These bite sized desserts are packed with flavor, flavor and more flavor!
FYI:The National Restaurant Association's annual survey of chef's of The American Culinary Federation ranked mini bite sized desserts number 4 in its What's Hot top 20 overall trends for 2011.
 So the next time you are about to order dessert remember,  just one bite!

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