Monday, March 14, 2011

Top 10 Dessert Trends: One & Two

 Looking for some new twists on desserts to add to your dessert tables this year? 
 The Food Channel has listed their Top 10 Dessert Trends for this year! You may have already suspected some, some you may have even tried! Some you may even want to try! Are you ready?
Here is your ......... 

Photo from The Food Channel
Dessert Trend Number One: Bacon & Chocolate
Bacon and Chocolate, together!?  Does this seem a little shocking to you!?
This new trend IS about shaking things up, coming out of comfort zones and surprising the palate!
Sweet and savory parings, in new ways, and, unexpected places is beginning to receive attention!

The question is, are  you adventurous enough to step outside the box and whip up a batch of Bacon and Chocolate Fudge, or Brownies, or search out a baker who has done all the work for you to try!? What ever you decide, let us know what you think!

       Dessert Trend Number Two: Macarons

Photo from

 Pairs and New York are THE trend setters, for just about everything, and French Macron's are what's hot right now! Offering a variety of beautiful colors and pastry cream fillings, there is sure to be something to please everyone! These little pillow sandwich delicacies offer elegance, class and sophistication to any dessert table. Want to kick up your dessert table presentation a bit? Try adding some French macaron's to your selection!

You  may want to polish up on your pastry baking skills however, and try your hand at the French Macaron craze yourself, since one little macaron can cost you $4.00!!! Those in the know are reporting that the French Macaron will surpass the beloved cupcake in dessert table popularity! What will be on your next dessert table, cupcakes or French Macarons!? Let us know!

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