Monday, April 25, 2011

Old To New Cupcakes!

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Clever and Easy Cupcake Ideas!

Transporting, frosting and baking cupcakes can be a little tricky, predictable and boring. See how you can change things up, and kick up the look of your cupcakes using common household items!
{Cupcake Transport} Why not turn an ordinary gift box into cupcake carrier to transport your precious cupcakes! Simply cut X's in the top of the box, insert your cupcakes, and off you go!This could also serve double duty as a great budget savvy, stylish, cupcake display on your dessert table by covering the box with solid or printed wrapping paper prior to cutting X's into it!

{photo via ~ realsimple}
{Cupcake Topping} When you would like to change up the typical old cupcake frosting for something a little different, try this next time. Three minuets before your cupcakes are baked, remove tray from the oven and place one large marshmallow on each cupcake.
Place tray back into the oven to complete cook time, or until marshmallows are slightly melted but still puffy! Try using colored marshmallows too for some extra fun!

{photo via ~ realsimple}
{Cupcake Papers} Sometimes you just want something less predictable and more unique to wrap up your cupcakes and special muffins in. Next time try making your own cupcake papers by cutting a square of parchment paper {you can pick this up at the grocery store}, and line each cup of the tin with one! For a, just from the bake shop look, allow for ample overhang of the parchment paper. Your guests are going to think you went to a lot of expense to create such a unique cupcake!
We hope you have been inspired!
Remember, keep it Homespun!

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