Saturday, April 16, 2011

Think Outside the Basket

Are you ready to.....
think "outside" the basket?!
We thought it would be fun to set aside the traditional Easter basket gifting ideas, and try something "outside" the basket. Want to see what we came up with to add a little fresh, modern love to your baskets this year?! Come this way......

Bright, bold color from children's pencils on the left, to colorful sewing thread on the right. Children can always use extra pencils can't they! And when they are this colorful, well, it makes homework a lot more fun to do! The seamstress in your life would certainly appreciate a gift of new colorful sewing thread to add to her sewing basket!

Does Polka dot ribbon say "Spring, Easter, Party and Fun" to you?!   What crafter, big or small wouldn't love some new rolls of brightly colored, polka dot ribbon to help her out with her many craft projects?!

Any artist would love a couple new tubes of oil paint and a couple new paint brushes to add to their stash! Maybe his canvas is paper. Surprising him with a rainbow of colored pencils may just be the little extra inspiration he needs for a new drawing!

Sweet April Strawberries! Who doesn't love strawberries! This basket would please anyone lucky enough to receive it! How can you go wrong with an inexpensive basket, a basket liner, like a "strawberry" dish towel, and a couple baskets of fresh strawberries
lovingly placed inside!

Pinwheels have a way of taking you back to childhood! Why not brighten up a friends backyard with a colorful, sunflower pinwheel, and let her reminisce about the good old days!

Sweet, organic cherry tomatoes, in their own baskets make a healthy, thoughtful gift for someone who loves cherry tomatoes! Farmers Markets are a great place to shop for fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.


Do you know a gardener that could use a few new brightly colored flower pots! Think about tucking inside the flower pots, seed packets, garden gloves, plant markers or a gift card to the local nursery for a little shopping spree! 

Oh lavender, how we love thee! Lavender in sachets, potpourri, tea, cookies and just within our senses of sight and smell is such a soothing and welcoming gift! Look for a lavender plant that is pre-potted, and all you have to do is add a little ribbon and hang tag and you are set to gift someone!

We can't end without mentioning chocolate Easter eggs! This is a clever way of gifting colorful chocolate Easter eggs. If you really want to surprise someone, place them in a coconut shell!

Have you been inspired to think "outside" the basket?! We really hope you have! What clever ideas will you be gifting this Easter?

There is one who scatters, yet
increases more;
And there is one who withholds
more than is right,
But it leads to poverty.
Proverbs 11:24

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