Friday, July 8, 2011

From Old To New: Kids Stuff

Nightstand decorated with a tutu

Tutu as Nightstand Decoration

  What's old is now new! Before you get rid of that pile of kids "stuff" that has been collecting because the kids are older now, take a look at these cool re purposed ideas from super informational RealSimple. You may just change your mind, and the kids will fall in love all over again! Our favorite no question is the above 'Tutu as Nightstand Decoration". Is your mind seeing the big picture yet!

Shadow box of outgrown childrens shoes

Shoes as Growth Chart

     Keep those shoes to make a cool piece of art work and family keepsake 

Boy writing at a desk with a skateboard as a shelf

Skateboard as a Shelf

         Skaters love having their boards nearby, even if it is on the wall!

Toy box used as a window seat with colorful floral cushion

Toy Box as Window Seat

       Haven't  kids used their toy boxes to sit on anyway?! Now, make it official! 

Snacks stored in plastic Easter eggs

Plastic Easter Eggs as Snack Containers

Plastic eggs can now be used year round to hold toddlers snacks!

Gift with a jump row bow

Jump Rope as Ribbon Replacement

                           The beloved jump rope to the gift giving rescue!

Twister mat used as a party tablecloth

Twister Mat as Tablecloth

Here is a twist! Use the old "Twister" game mat for a birthday party tablecloth!

We hope these RealSimple  ideas have inspired you to give those out grown kids toys they so loved a second chance to bring even more joy! There are  always more great ideas awaiting you at RealSimple!
                                                    Remember, to keep it Homespun!

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                                                  Therefore, for Your name's sake,
                                                  Lead me and guide me.
                                                  Psalm 31:3


  1. Love the twister mat!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  2. Great ideas--and the table? tu-tu cute (couldn't resist!) Blessings, Sharon