Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween LittleMissMatched Style!


Spooky Knee High Socks

It's Socktober at LittleMissMatched! Socktober celebrates creativity and self-expression amongist kids of all ages. Socktober culminates in National "Rock Your Socks" Day on October 21st when everyone is encouraged to rock their crazy socks as a statement of creativity and individuality. During Socktober, customers will receive a free pair of socks on orders over $50! Use Coupon Code: SOCKTOBER at time of checkout! Offer ends 10/21/11.


Maddie's Halloween Ideas: have fun and make your own halloween costume using your favorite LittleMissMatched items! download each how to to learn more!
Maddie's Halloween Ideas
 How fun is this! What little or big girl doesn't like dressing up and showing off her own individual sense of style?! With LittleMissMatched you can make your own colorful, fun and unique Halloween costume from LittleMissMatched clothing items and than wear them again and again! Go funky, spooky or rock star! it's totally up to you!


Smiley Face Fragrance

Perhaps you are in the mood for a new fragrance, either for yourself or to gift! LittleMisMatched has three new fragrances to choose from, Heart Fragrance, Star Fragrance and Smiley Face Fragrance.
To give you an idea of what Smiley Face Fragrance smells like, close your eyes and picture a TROPICAL MILKSHAKE DANCING IN THE SUNSHINE...that’s how it smells!

LittleMissMatched can outfit you, your bedroom, make you smell heavenly with fragrance and help you with all your gift giving needs from birthday to Christmas and more! Stop by and check out the entire selection of LittleMissMatched today!

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