Friday, November 25, 2011

Feature Friday:{Under The Table And Dreaming}

Under The Table and Dreaming

Faux Mercury Glass Ornaments
Feature Friday: {Under The Table And Dreaming}
Today's Feature Friday spotlight is on Stephanie Lynn of Under The Table And Dreaming!  Long before we ever even considered starting a blog of our own, we faithfully followed Under The Table And Dreaming, and were continuously blown away by Stephanie Lynn's beautiful blog, her photography, her simple yet elegant style and her efforts to showcase, faithfully, multiple crafts and ideas made by others through her link parties each week. We are excited to turn the tables now and showcase Stephanie Lynn's creations as we kick off the Christmas Season and bring you some of Stephanie Lynn's amazing ideas!

Under The Table and Dreaming

Getting to know Stephanie Lynn
" I am a blessed Mommy to one precious little boy and married to a handsome guy {who also happens to be my best friend}. We recently moved into 'Our Dream House' and have been working hard at making it 'Our Home'.

Last year our son was diagnosed with autism. He is the center of our world. Some of the projects I share are centered on creating the most comfortable environment and life for my little guy. Our journey is just beginning; as a family we are learning to embrace all the small things that make this a wonderful crazy life.

I love
simple and classic styles with a mix of whimsy and fun. I have a passion for do-it-yourself décor, home projects and anything that keeps my creative mind going. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to make something on my own. {Better yet, simply by using things I already have around me} I believe style does not have to be compromised by a budget; no matter what that budget may be."

                                                                   Christmas Table Scape

Under The Table and Dreaming

Faux Curled Rosewood Wreath
Under The Table and Dreaming

Boxwood Hurricane

Under The Table and Dreaming

Sweater Vases

Under The Table and Dreaming

Advent Calender Count Down

Under The Table and Dreaming

Felt Wine Bottle Holder

Under The Table and Dreaming

                                                                 Soap Balls

Under The Table and Dreaming

                                                     Scented Room Spray

Under The Table and Dreaming

Rustic Bird Feeder

Under The Table and Dreaming

Sunday Link Party

We really hope you are inspired by the talents of Stephanie Lynn. There is so much more to see than what we could show you. Plan to visit Under The Table and Dreaming soon, and if you enjoy a good link party, check out Stephannie Lynn's on Sunday's. You may just get featured! Thank you Stephannie Lynn! We love all that you create to inspire us! Remember, keep it Homespun!

                                                        Unless the Lord watches over the city;
                                                         the watchman stand guard in vain.
                                                        Psalm 127:2

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  1. Hi Stephanie Lynn,
    As another mother of a boy (now a 26 with autism, I look in wonder at your table scape. Either your boy is calmer than mine was at a young age, you're a magician, or just a lot braver than I ever was. The tablescape is beautiful, btw. I blog at




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