Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beaded Fruit Wreath

Simple DIY Fruit Wreath. Are you a lover of beaded fruit wreaths, but not loving the price tag?! Why not make your own beautiful beaded fruit wreath this Christmas to adorn your home. Over the years we have collected beaded fruit when on sale, and used it in centerpieces mainly. After seeing some really stunning beaded fruit wreaths, and their hefty price tags, we decided we could make our own for much less.

Since we already had the beaded fruit, all we needed was the wreath. As our frugal-ness would have it, we found an evergreen wreath at the craft store on clearance and swooped it up! We also picked up some beautiful purple wired ribbon and some purple grape picks which were also on sale. Now is the time to pick up these supplies from the craft store as they are having sales getting ready to bring in the next season items, Valentines Day.

We set about placing our picks on the wreath to get an idea how it would look before glue gunning them on wiring them on.

We were able to use the stem of most of the fruit to bend and secure on the wreath. Some needed a little help of the glue gun.

Lastly we ties on our purple ribbon and attached our purple grapes.

This wreath graces our dinning room door.Our dinning room theme is more elegant than that of our living room which is more playful, candy cane and gingerbread theme decor. This way we are able to express our many likes of Christmas in different creative ways. If you have some beaded fruit in your mist, why not try a wreath this year instead of just a bowl of beaded fruit. Be inspired!

The Lord is good to ALL;
He has compassion on ALL He has made.
Psalm 145:8

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