Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Recipe Wednesday: Chocolate Cherries

Semi-Homemade Dessert. With all of our good intentions during the Christmas season to make homemade baked goods and desserts, sometimes it simply does not happen. So what do we do when we still can manage to put together a little something, but not full on from scratch?! That is when we turn to those lovely, quick, easy and impressive semi-homemade recipes, and poof! Done!

So here we have our festive chocolate covered cherries that are super simple to put together with only two little ingredients! Chocolate and cherries. But when they are finished and presented in a beautiful stem glass, they look like something so special.

You will need a jar of maraschino cherries with the stems on.

Drain the cherries really well. Save the liquid for another recipe,  a Holiday drink or add it to your dessert glass, just a wee bit for a nice presentation.

White and dark or milk chocolate chips.

Lay cherries onto paper towels to remove any excess juice prior to dipping.

Melt chocolate. Begin dipping cherries and lay on parchment or wax paper lined tray. Place in fridge to set up. These taste really good served just out of the fridge ice cold. The cherry is crisp and juicy, and the chocolate is smooth and creamy.

 Well of course this idea came from the queen of semi-homemade homemaking, Sandra Lee! We love our book, semi-homemade desserts and have many pages marked and ready to go! We wished we looked so good preparing these desserts as Sandra does!

Such a simple, easy and straightforward recipe to follow. And you take all the credit!

To add more of a festive touch, we rimmed our dessert glass in water and than sanding sugar. These would be fun as individual desserts or on a dessert table or scattered about to nibble on. We hope you are feeling a little less overwhelmed about those Christmas party desserts and when you can't tie on the apron and get the flour out of the pantry, remember, semi-homemade!
                                                     He covers the sky with clouds;
                                                     He supplies the earth with rain
                                                     and makes grass grow on hills.
                                                    Psalm 147:8

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