Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snowball Cutie Ornaments

Frosty Snowball Cuties! Living in the part of California we do does not get snow.  How we have dreamed of a real white Christmas. It can get pretty cold, but we have to go up to the mountains for real snow. So foe now,  we made snow men ornaments to bring the feel and look of snow. These little guys are bundled up warm in their ear muffs and scarfs. All they need is a hot mug of cocoa now!

To make these snowmen ornaments you will need: Styrofoam balls, red, green and black pipe cleaners, square of felt, piece of orange card stock, pom poms and glue gun.

First you need to size and cut the pipe clear over the ball which will be the band of the ear muffs. We were able to use the wire from the pipe cleaner to attach it to the ball by pressing it in gently.

                              Glue on your pom poms, one on each side on the pipe cleaner.

Take your black pipe cleaner and snip off pieces to use as the eyes and mouth. Like coal.

   Press or glue the eyes and mouth pieces in place. Cut a small triangular shape out of card stock for the nose and glue on.

Cut a strip of felt to desired length and width, and beginning at the back of snowman, apply a dab of glue and attach your piece of felt, then start working your way around to meet at the other side. Apply glue as needed while working your way around. Apply glue to hold scarf in place at the side meet. Now make some fringe by cutting your felt in strips.

Use a pipe cleaner to make a hanger by running it under the ear muff and bending it back on itself and at the top make a shepherds hook to hang your snowman.

Our little snow girl had get all fancy for the tree trimming by wearing a black fur scarf and purple ear muffs!

Let the children young and old have fun designing a one of a kind snow ornament. We love the idea of each year pulling them out and reflecting back on the wonderful memories that surround them.

If you can't have real snow this Christmas make up some snow cuties this year to hang on the tree! Be inspired!

                                                 Blessed are all who fear the Lord,
                                                 who walk in His ways.
                                                 Psalm 128:1

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  1. We're also a long way from a 'snow white' Christmas over here in Australia, but my kids just can't shake the Frosty-love. We sang carols last night and the host changed the song to Sandy the Sandman, the kids laughed but it didn't stick. I say, keep the snowman and the gorgeous ornaments too! x