Friday, January 27, 2012

Feature Friday:{Flamingo Toes}

Flamingo Toes: Simple Spring Framed Vases

Feature Friday:{Flamingo Toes} We love to bring to you the the crafty ideas of the women behind the blogs we follow. So often they are the women showcasing all our crafts, that their great talents get a little lost in the shuffle. Today, we are spotlighting the talented Beverly, author of Flamingo Toes and Etsy shop. Beverly seems to have a knack for all things crafty from sewing to good home cooking. Flamingo Toes is a great source of inspiration for the crafter, and her love of the Lord is evident too. Since love is in the air, we have picked some of  Beverly's creations that speak love to us to show you.

Getting To Know Beverly of Flamingo Toes....

"I love that my 17 year old daughter is outraged that her friends have never seen a Cary Grant movie.
I love that listening to my son tell about one of his dreams is more funny than anything on tv.
I love that kissing my hubby still gives me butterflies after 20 years.
I love sewing and taking pictures and knockoffs.
I love English Breakfast Tea and Elvis.
I love the sound my computer makes when I get an email or comment from one of you."

Flamingo Toes: Sweet And Skinny Ruffled Headbands

Love these head bands. They are so pretty and feminine.

Flamingo Toes: Lets Eat Cake Apron

Doesn't this apron just scream love, home, mom.... and make you want to bake a cake?!

This speaks of vintage love and tenderness. Can you imagine the heavenly scent now?!

How  pretty and sweet these are. Anyone would love to receive these as a gift.

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! We even used this print in red on our Valentine Mantel this season!

Flamingo Toes: Tunnel Of Love Printable

For you romantics at heart! So charming and Beverly has made it available for free for you! Just click on the link above.

                            Flamingo Toes: Anthro- Inspired Serving Tower

Perfect for a sweet Valentines tea party. Or Alice in Wonderland Party.

Flamingo Toes Etsy Shop

Pink Ribbon Nest Ring
Flamingo Toes :Pink Ribbon Nest Ring

Stop by and link up your latest creations every Sunday! There is always such great inspiration to be found. 

You can see more of Flamingo Toes on Face Book and Twitter too!

We hope you have enjoyed and have been inspired by Beverly of Flamingo Toes. We only showed you a small piece of Flaming Toes, so be sure to get over and visit real soon!

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.
Honor one another above yourselves.
Romans 12:10

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