Friday, January 13, 2012

Feature Friday:{Ruby Jean}

Ruby Jean: Vanilla Bean Sugar
Feature Friday:{ Ruby Jean} We are so excited to share a new vintage find with you today! This one is full of really pretty ideas and inspiration, energy and good reading! We came across this lovely blog and camped out for awhile. We are referring to Ruby Jean of course! We were first smitten with the blog design. So vintage cute and friendly, than we got into the content. Well, have a look for yourself.

Getting to know Angelina of Ruby Jean......
 "My name is Angelina and I am a sinner saved by grace  ( John 3:16 ) first and foremost..I have been privileged to be the Wife to my ever constant and faithful husband for 16 yrs. In those 16yrs. we have been gifted with the blessing and sweetness of 5 children. ( psalm 127:3 )..
Growing up I always desired and longed to learn and know how to sew…I had a few friends whose Mother’s sewed..I can remember being so in awe over their talents and much so I often would choose to stay in the house and watch my friends mom sew rather than go outside to play…I didn’t necessarily learn anything…but it did feed my desire to learn, what seemed to me to be the most amazing talent and gift.." {read more} 

Ruby Jean: Silhouette  Charm Pendants

Ruby Jean: Ice Skate Garland

Ruby Jean: Momma's Farmhouse Apron

Ruby Jean: Aprons
     Angelina's aprons are to die for! Love!!!

Ruby Jean: Link Party
Come check out the fun link party every Tuesday and get inspired!

We hope you liked what you have seen so for! There is a lot more to see from Ruby Jean.  Stop by and look around and say "hello". You can also see more from Ruby Jean by visiting Angelina on Face Book and Twitter. Be inspired, get creative!

  A man cannot be established through wickedness;
 but the righteous can not be uprooted.
 Proverbs: 12:3
Photos: Ruby Jean

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  1. Oh this is So VERY Sweet of you... Thank you so much for the feature and thank you so much for Lovely compliments...
    Have a blessed day!!