Friday, March 23, 2012

Feature Friday: Nifty Thrifty Things

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Nifty Thrifty Things: DIY Bakers Twine

    Feature Friday With Vanessa of Nifty Thrifty Things!

In today's Feature Friday spotlight we have Vanessa of  Nifty Thrifty Things! Vanessa's physical beauty, is translated into her crafts that she shares with others on her blog. We love Vanessa's style of making handmade/homemade so much more appealing through her photography and choice of mediums she chooses to use to create her crafts and presenting them.  Nifty Thrifty Things has been featured on the likes of Whipperberry, Tidy Mom and I Heart Nap Time. You know, just some of the blogs the rest of us like to hang out at!

Today we wanted to share with you a couple of our favorite creations from Vanessa. So, lets have a look, shall we.

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Getting to know Vanessa of Nifty Thrifty Things...
"My Name is Vanessa. I was born in 1982.
I love decorating, designing and most of all, being thrifty.
I started this little space on the web to blog about things I like, things I love and things I convert into things I like and love. Always trying to stay on the thrifty side.
Being frugal on my spending has always been part of me and I believe that you don't have to spend a fortune to make your home comfortable and cozy."{read more}

Nifty Thrifty Things: Twitter

Connect and see more from Nifty Thrifty Things by clicking on, Face Book, Twitter or Pinterest. Vanessa would love to hear from you soon!

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Thank you Vanessa for all your creative inspiration!
Be inspired, get creative!

The works of the Lord are great,
Studied by all who have pleasure in them. 
His work is honorable and glorious,
And His righteousness endures forever. 

Psalm 111: 2-3

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  1. She is so creative! I'm going to try that Chai Concentrate. Yummm. Thanks for showing this!