Thursday, June 21, 2012

Roman Candles

Did you know...
Dreaming about fireworks means that you like to be the center of attention and are showing off to others. It also symbolizes enthusiasm and exhilaration.

The earliest documentation of fireworks dates back to 7th century China. They were invented more than 2000 years ago in China.

A sparkler burns at a temperature over 15 times the boiling point of water. Three sparklers burning together generate the same heat as a blowtorch. When your sparkler goes out, put it in a bucket of water.{source}

To make our "Roman Candles", we took some of our old dollar tree tall jar candles, and some blue tissue paper and a roll of red party streamers and wrapped up our candles.

We did not cover the part of the candle we wanted to show as white.

We taped on a paper American flag to our middle candle to show our patriotism.

For our Roman candle stand, we took a little wood box, turned it over, added some festive patter paper and sprinkled around some gift bag shred for effect. 

Are you and your family still fortunate enough to be able to celebrate the Fourth of July with your own fireworks display? We truly miss those days. 
Be inspired. Get creative!

good name is to be chosen rather than great riches,
Loving favor rather than silver and gold.
Proverbs 22:1

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